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Being involved in sports and fitness his whole life; Paul has a background in elite competitive long-distance running, national university rowing and competition level rock climbing. This has led to a deeper understanding of health, wellbeing, fitness and sports conditioning at a base level. 


Paul has a wide variety of clients, ranging from lawyers and barristers, to actors, producers and endurance athletes.  Due to Paul’s diverse training approach, he can adapt and specialise his training style to suit any client’s individual needs and requirements.  Helping and focussing a client through their fitness journey is very important to Paul, as he takes great pride in his training and wants his clients to achieve the results they deserve.


Paul’s main focus is to get his clients the results that they demand. Specialties ranging from building muscle to sports specific training, strength training and fat loss. He will tailor programmes, diet plans and give continued motivational support to reach health and fitness goals.  Paul believes that training should include an amalgamation of weights, mobility and functional aspects to create the best body you can.

Paul Rose is originally from Devon and has been in London for the last 7 years.  He moved to London to work as a qualified Building Surveyor in the City and Home Counties but soon realised the corporate life wasn’t for him and followed his passion for health and fitness. 

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